We are a group of friends who, along with our passion for fingerboarding, can't resist the urge to explore the world, experience new emotions, and have fun as if there's no tomorrow. We love traveling, partying, riding the waves of the ocean, and gliding on the streets with our skateboards. And thinking about all of this, we asked ourselves: why not take our lifestyle with us and introduce it to everyone?

This gave birth to Barrel, the traveling event that will journey through Italian cities and beyond, aboard a van loaded with finger parks and lots of fun. Wherever these "street enthusiasts" decide to have a good time, Barrel will bring along an explosion of energy! It will be a perfect opportunity for both experienced enthusiasts and those who are not yet familiar with this exciting sport. Through workshops, competitions, and demonstrations, the Barrels will offer the chance to learn the basics of fingerboarding and put one's skills to the test.

But Barrel is not just about fingerboarding; it's also about music, art, and culture. During our stops, we'll have the opportunity to collaborate with local artists, exchanging ideas and inspirations.

Whether we're in Milan, Rio de Janeiro, or Sydney, wherever the wind takes us, the key is to let ourselves be carried away by passion and the desire to live life to the fullest!

So, if you feel that your adventurous soul is calling out, join us on this boundless journey. Grab your fingerboard, your surfboard, and your skateboard, and set out on a voyage to the unknown.

Join us at the next Barrel event!

Stay tuned to our website or Instagram page to find out when and where the next Barrel event will take place. Let's create memories and have fun together!